In December of 1858, the State of Texas conferred an original patent of land title, a "headright", to William and Mary Myers, for one square mile of  land in Dallas County, Texas, USA.  Currently, it is approximately bounded by Hampton Road on the west, Remond on the north, the midpoint between Winnetka and Turner on the east, and Davis Avenue on the south.
     Today this area contains most of  Stevens Park Golf Course, Stevens Park Estates, western Kessler Park, Rosemont Elementary School, Saint Cecilia R.C. Church, and a small part of US Interstate 30.  The clubhouse for Stevens Park Memorial Golf Course is located just east of the center of the William Myers Section.
Myers Graves
Five Mile Creek Cemetery; Dallas, Texas
Kiest, west of Westmoreland Road
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William Myers tombstone
Mar. 29, 1801
Feb. 21, 1872

Mach 7, 1801
Dec. 12, 1870
William and Mary Ann Myers were born in Garrard County, Kentucky.  They were first cousins, of German descent.  They married in January of 1825.  In 1846 the family immigrated to Dallas County, Texas. They were granted a free square mile of land for being its first permanent settlers. William and Mary lived in a cabin on the east half of their Section. They raised wheat, oats, corn, peach and apples trees, bees, cattle and horses

Feb. 21, 1829
April 5, 1905

Oct. 21, 1834
Nov 5, 1866
Meridith Myers was the oldest surviving son of William and Mary He moved to Texas with his parents in 1846.  About 1856 he married Emily M. Eddy.

Aug. 8, 1842/b>
Jan. 13, 1931
After the death of his first wife in 1866 Meredith Myers married Sarah Elizabeth Rogers. Meredith's family lived in a farmhouse whose site is now a group of trees behind the YWCA on South Hampton, near the corner of Wright and Franklin.  Meridith became a surveyor and at various times he owned, or co-owned, large portions of the "William. Myers Section".

Sept. 25, 1824
May 5, 1904

July 30, 1819
Aug. 10, 1873
Thomas A. Philips married the oldest child of William and Mary Myers, daughter Harriett. Just before the Civil War, Thomas and Harriett bought 40 acres of the William Myers Section from her parents, the "north 1/4 of the northwest quarter-section", land that is now commercial sites along Fort Worth Avenue east of Hampton Road.

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