Digging in his tomato garden at 1838 Mayflower during the 1990's, Stevens Park residence Eddie Royse unearthed this "bowl".

Could this be a prehistoric Stevens Park artifact?
The "Royse Bowl"

The Royse Bowl

The "Royse Bowl"

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This "bowl" has a regular circular diameter, roughly 9 inches (22 cm) across. The height is about 2.75 inches (7 cm). Its weight is approximately 2.25 pounds (1 kilogram).

The white plaster-looking material has an integral brown and yellow-gold colored swirl pattern.  The surface is pocked overall, and appears to have been slightly chipped in several places.

The bowl was discovered  by Edwin Hudson Royse (1914-2001) while digging in his tomato garden at 1838 Mayflower during the 1990's.

Base view of the "Royse Bowl"
Swirling pattern on the base
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The Royse family owned the house at 1838 Mayflower (Dallas, Texas, USA) from 1945 to 2001. Other objects, such as toy cars, and the rim of a baby bottle had been unearthed over the years in Mr. Royse's garden, located behind his garage in the southwestern portion of the lot. His daughter, Elizabeth Royse Joe, who now owns this particular artifact, believes that her father probably sandpapered the interior as part of his cleaning process.  Eddie's grandson, Jason Joe, commented that parts of the relief on the outside rim might have been deliberately carved decorative etchings, suns and rivers or mountains.

30 December 2001
Jim Barnes